PROP PORTION – You will need to submit a TYPED list of answers, the music choice and prop idea you plan to use by Wednesday February 19, 2020.


1)     You can apply with a group of one or two choreographers, special permission will be needed if you want to have a group of three.


2)     You may choreograph any type of dance form but it must be appropriate for the dancers in your group.


3)     Everyone must submit a mock up of their prop.  The prop can be any size but please remember that you will be making it.  You must bring the prop with you for the presentation, it does not have to be one you use in the performance, however, I need to see the design of it.  Be prepared to explain significance of the prop in your piece.


4)     You must be able to explain the meaning of your piece, what you are trying to tell the audience.  The piece should have a story or theme that runs through it.


5)     Everyone will have to use an insturment song but you can use any arrangement/orchestration you would like. You will be responsible for editing your own music. All music must be submitted on a CD, USB or MP3 file.


6)     Tell me how long you would like your piece to be, please do not go longer than five minutes.


7)     You can submit a “wish list” of who you would like in your piece, however, final decisions will be made by me.   


8)     Your presentation must contain designs of the costumes you need.  Please remember they must be something the studio or dancers already own or can easily make.



The Student Choreographic Showcase will take place Saturday May 2 at 1:00 pm. If you have any questions please email me,


Have fun and Good Luck!


Miss Lilla –